I watched an enlightening documentary called "The Workshop" where "A group of people, including several from the UK, agree to take part in a 10-day 'workshop' led by spiritual leader Paul Lowe in their search for a higher personal truth. On day one they are told to introduce themselves and meet everyone - completely naked!"

I found Paul Lowe very intriguing in the film, so I looked him up and found some of his writings.

I am usually curious what people whose viewpoints intrigue me think of 2012, so I'll include Paul Lowe's take here as an example from his writings.

On 2012
I find that I have a continuing ‘allergy’ to ‘New Age’ articles.
Never seem very sincere to me. I like nice down-to-earth presentations.

2012 is still very much in the esoteric news.
Could be like the Millennium Computer Bug, or something much, much more
interesting. Although I certainly never look for it, I love change when it

Everything is changing all the time. On the nano level we can observe it —
just the size and time difference is so great we do not realise it on our

There are lots of predictions for 2012.
One is utter destruction of the planet. Another, destruction of all life on
the planet. Another, two-thirds of the population will perish. Another, the
consciousness of every being will transform. (“And the Lion shall lay down
with the Sheep.”

My ‘information’ has been that something will take place, that, with our
present state of consciousness, our minds cannot even imagine.
That sounds fun. Maybe the whole planet / dimension will alcomize.
Maybe we will be less solid -- and be able to materialize.

If you get into balance with the concept of death — your whole life will
change. Again, it is our conditioning that produces fear of the situation.
Is it not unintelligent to be afraid of something we do not know anything
about? In fact, we are not afraid of death, we are afraid of the unknown.
I have always found the unknown to be exciting. If it is known, then it is
history already.

I have never connected with the fear of death.
Either we get recycled and come back. (no thank you); move into another
dimension; or are obliterated. What’s the big deal!

I mean it -- study death and your life will change.
The fear of anything, anything, is rooted in the fear of death.
Make friends with that idea and fear will disappear. Then you will be free.

Freedom is realised when you live every moment --
as if it the first -- and the last.
Most people die in the frequency of regret, which, if there is such a thing
as reincarnation, generates the 'handicaps' for the next incarnation.

Just for today, live as if this is your last day on earth.


Ma Aluciasparkle Heartist (Heart Artist)

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