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#243637 - Wed 20 Aug 2014 01:13:AM Re: Reality Shifters - Breathing Under Water [Re: Alisa]
Alisa Offline

Launch Director

Registered: Mon 09 Dec 2002
Posts: 62086
Loc: Joshua Tree, CA
Breathing Under Water

My reality shift story is a little bit different than most. I have memories as young as two years old, and that includes dreams I remember and could easily distinguish from reality. Well, when I was around three or four years old, I learned how to swim. Part of what made swimming so easy for me, and so enjoyable, was that I could breathe underwater. This seemed normal to me until I heard that somebody else couldn't do it, so I told my mom "I can breathe underwater."

"No you can't. You were just dreaming," she said to me.

The next time I went swimming, I took my usual underwater breath and was surprised by the rush of water into my lungs. Fortunately, it wasn't damaging and I just coughed a bit. The real damage was to my spirit. I guess you could say that ever since that day my reality shifted back to "reality," I've been trying to re-learn how to breathe underwater again.

Note from Cynthia: Wow, Chris, I love your story! Reading this reminds me of when I was young, and noticed that rain would start and stop when I thought or said "rain start" or "rain stop." It worked perfectly every time... that is, until I went to demonstrate this to my mom, at which point it stopped working. I sometimes wonder just how many amazing things we could do if nobody ever told us we couldn't. Considering the phenomenal power of the placebo effect, it's clear to me that we can easily do much, much more than most people consider possible. I have a hunch that your story will help remind people of some of the marvelous things they used to be able to do... before someone told them they couldn't.
Ma Aluciasparkle Heartist (Heart Artist)

Hearts By Ma heartboy

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#243659 - Wed 20 Aug 2014 03:00:AM Re: Reality Shifters - Cloak of Invisibility [Re: Alisa]
Alisa Offline

Launch Director

Registered: Mon 09 Dec 2002
Posts: 62086
Loc: Joshua Tree, CA
Cloak of Invisibility

My partner used to think I was nuts. Well he still does, but not because of the invisibility thing any more. After I saved him from a couple of speeding tickets, including one where the cop had U-turned to come after him, he has since learned to do it for himself.

In the beginning, it was almost a two step process for me, because I had to get my emotions under control before I could become invisible. I think that what happens is that I just become uninteresting to those I've targeted, so they don't realize that I'm there. If I'm afraid or worried about being seen, then my emotional signature is too strong to hide and I'm sure to be spotted. Later after I gained confidence in my skill, it was as simple as saying to myself, unobserved, unobserved, unobserved.

In the first step I would take a few moments to notice if I felt at risk of getting a ticket. I would just, kind of check in with my intuition and see how I felt about it, and then I would say, unobserved, unobserved, unobserved, and imagine arriving at my destination quickly and happily. Then every time I would see a police car I would repeat my trigger word, unobserved, two or three more times and just project a blankness.

My skill got better when I forgot to check in with my intuition and then saw a police car, but decided to try it anyway. Sure enough it still worked, if I could get my emotions back to neutral.

Then I told my partner about it. He gave me the ol' horse laugh, but consented to let me try working my magic on him. Mostly it was while he was driving around town. Then we got in, a couple of hours early on a 12 hour cross country drive. I'd been practicing while he raced the long straight stretches of road at 120 mph. He was still skeptical, but willing to consider I 'might' have done something.

A few days later on the way back, he was speeding when a police cruiser pulled a high speed U-turn behind him and he panicked. I had to yell at him to calm down and punch him in the shoulder to get him to pay attention to me. Then I did my thing and after the cruiser followed us for a few miles, he took off and left us be. That convinced my partner I was on to something, and he started practicing it too. Neither of us has had a speeding ticket in years now, but we don't drive any slower.

I have found that this works the same for any of the senses. I've used this to get very close to animals in the wild, or to pass, unobserved, by obnoxious people or dogs.
Ma Aluciasparkle Heartist (Heart Artist)

Hearts By Ma heartboy

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