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#71368 - Thu 20 Oct 2011 04:47:PM Syncs - White King - Star - Transform - New Baby
Alisa Offline

Launch Director

Registered: Mon 09 Dec 2002
Posts: 62086
Loc: Joshua Tree, CA
Synchronicities seem to be coming hard and fast lately. I've read reports from others experiencing this as well. I'm just going to pour out/let flow my recollection of my latest series of syncs from the last 24 hours.

I've been feeling so tense lately. Lots of things are in my life are changing. I understand these things logically, but it's like my emotions are reacting anyway with a bit of resistance and fear. I sometimes feel like it is simultaneously the death-throws of my old "emotional" self, and the birth/labor pains of my new "feeling" self.

I decided to ask for comfort last night. I don't ask (pray, appeal to my higher-self) for comfort excessively. Perhaps, if anything, I don't ask enough. But I thought, Yeah, I think it is appropriate and deserved to ask for comfort now, a breather, a chance to feel I asked and knew I would receive.

My son came into my bedroom last night and looked into my bathroom ensuite and said, "That says goblin up there." My son is autistic, so this kind of strange off-the-cuff statement is not unusual. If anything, I relish him making a comment on his own, especially really unusual ones like this. I see it as a chance, a doorway, the entrance to the rabbit hole, to explore what his spirit is telling me.

So I asked where it says Goblin (and did he say, "Goblin"?). He pointed up toward the corner of the bathroom above the medicine chest. I asked where, and he said the wall. The wall is white tiles so I wondered if he was seeing something etheric. I asked him to please try to point at or touch where it says Goblin. He stood on tiptoe and pointed at the White King cleaner on top of the medicine cabinet.

"It says Goblin?" I asked. Though he doesn't read at the age level of a mainstream 12 year old, White King didn't look remotely like the word Goblin. But I decided to ride the sync. And for me, Goblin is most related to the name of the character in Spiderman, and last year when we went away to California, we won a stuffed Goblin at an amusement park. My son slept with the Goblin for a few months deriving comfort from it. He still has it and got it out again the other day. I happen to like the Goblin (though true he looks scary).

I decided to look up the phrase "White King" and see if it is tied to Goblin. What I ended up finding was a book entitled "White King" about Romania in the Ceausescu era. Sadly, I knew very little about Romania or this era, so I read a little bit. It seems that Ceausescu was the last Communist leader in Romania from 1967-1989. It was a brutal and oppressive regime.

I couldn't see the clear connections between my son's comment and this finding. But I felt the threads there. I felt the white king was reference to something good. Though Ceausescu didn't seem "good". He kinda reminds me of the creepy side of the Goblin actually...

Then today, synchronistically, I happened upon a forum called Is something new trying to enter our lives? written by a Romanian who starts off by telling a little bit about Romania making mention of the horrific Ceausescu regime and the revolution that followed, and how he "felt" it as a "something in the air, a "tension", a "vibration", and how he feels a similar feeling in the air now.

Anyway, what a huge sync for me with Ceausescu! Having just read about it last night. And also a sync with what he said about the tension feeling and the revolution as well.

But back to last night...I fell asleep. As I moved from consciousness through into altered states, I saw a pair of eyes. I knew they were female eyes. They flashed as very alien, then to sweetly feminine, then faded. She began to talk to me. I remember only the pieces of the conversation when I would surface close enough to consciousness to record them. She was kind with a calm strength. She answered any questions I had about what is happening in my reality at the moment. I felt very reassured by what she told me (even if I can't now consciously recall most of what she said). It was comforting.

I saw a man in a chair. I think he was the white king, though I don't recall specifically knowing this, I'm just conjecturing. He also was kind with a calm strength. He had very blue eyes and dark hair. The chair he sat on was plain. It was probably a throne, but was intentionally not ornate (I think to show lack of ego). It is making me think of how yesterday I felt a compulsion that it would be good to shave off my hair, to drop that part of my ego and be bald...but I digress (and I have to digress as this is just flowing and I learn and make connections as I write).

I knew he was "here" now and that he was about calm, peace, hope, joy. I learned that I have "the star" on my back. It is related to my heart chakra and to the shoulder pains I have been having a lot of lately. Long ago I stopped looking for physical causes to my pains and illnesses knowing that there was a spiritual origin for them. And in this case, I was told it was because there are some missing whiskers (strange, I know) that would channel the energy of the star but instead the energy is going into my shoulders. Not perfect, but the star is there and going well.

I also knew that the star was my bridge, as was the man in the chair, to a new existence/state. There was the concept of moving or transferring. Like my essence might be transferred into a new vehicle and this star was the gateway/bridge. I had a series of dreams/experiences in which I recalled bringing the 5-pointed star through the portal months ago. And this is what I think it means. I built the bridge back then (or as I called it, stargate).

I remember asking how many people will transfer or not. I remember, vaguely, something like 67% or 70-something. So not at all sure. But obviously it's going to be a large amount.

I also tried to ask what his name is, the man in the chair. I started to receive it. It started with a J. I think it was Jeshua, but I became totally conscious and lost the connection.

Like my experiences in the past where I have seen both the dark and light Jesus/Lucifer as twins, connected together like the yinyang symbol, I feel that this was the message again. The people like Ceausescu, Stalin, Hilter, Pol Pot...the list goes on and on, created a darkness so that an equal lightness of transformation could occur. Because the light cannot be turned up unless the darkness is, too. And now it is time (oh thank goodness) for the rewards of the lightness after all of the hard work and endurance of the darkness.

Not to say that darkness will cease to exist. It won't and can't. But like the yuga cycles, we are headed for the good part, the reward, the transformation, the reaping of what we have toiled so laboriously to sow.

In between my discussions with the woman in the night, I dreamed that I went to my stepmom and dad's house. They lived in a basement apartment. My stepmom was in the process of adopting a baby. She had the baby there on and off to acclimatize the transition for the baby. The baby was Indian (from India) with dark hair and brown skin.

My stepmom began kissing the baby on its tiny body. The baby's skin began to pale. Then I noticed it was really my dad kissing the baby. He was kissing it all over and seemed in such bliss to be now accepting a whole new iteration with a new child. I had not seen my dad express so much love. Not even for me when I was little - and he really loved me a lot. It truly touched me and I felt joy for him to be starting over with this new baby. The joy banished the smallest pang of jealousy that appeared initially when I thought, Hey, that's my dad.

I knew I was moving on in some way to a new life myself. It wasn't so concrete as moving though. It was more like transforming. It is hard to say if the baby represented me in a loop of past meets future meets past (as I was an adopted baby). Though this was a boy. And it was so lovely that it was a boy. I really don't know how to literally interpret that, so I won't.


P.S. Forgot to add that the female voice told me that people on earth have not sinned. We are akin to innocent, but that is not the right word. We are zero, balanced, empty, without sin/blame/fault. Something like that. Perhaps we were misled to believe we have sinned, but I didn't feel it was a mistake, necessarily. Regardless, it was to be accepted as a truth and not dwelt upon, but felt/known in the heart.

Edited by Alisa (Thu 20 Oct 2011 04:53:PM)
Ma Aluciasparkle Heartist (Heart Artist)

Hearts By Ma heartboy

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#71405 - Thu 20 Oct 2011 10:36:PM Re: Syncs - White King - Star - Transform - New Baby [Re: Alisa]
julianne Offline
Astronaut Level 2

Registered: Wed 28 Sep 2011
Posts: 73
You have much food for thought in this thread, but I'm going to touch upon one aspect that resonated with me.

Your Dad kissing the baby and loving it so much. As I read it, I wondered if you felt jealousy and then you confessed to a twinge of jealousy because he was your Dad after all.

Well, perhaps it is as if you are the seedlings (the growing step in human evolution).
Most of us know that the farmer loves the seedlings as well as the harvest, but it is somewhat different, so perhaps in your dream the farmer is God and is represented as your Dad.
The baby is the harvest of the next step of our humanly trials and tribulations...
I know I'll feel jealous of the leaps the future generations will have over us. I believe in my heart that it may feel to us old-timers as if we had been cheated and less loved or less blessed by the success or health or knowledge of mystical things that future generations will excel in. Like God the father loves them more than us, when in reality he loves us the same, but we hadn't matured in body or spirit enough to reach that level. (Like our ancestors may be the seeds.) Much like loving a treasured seedlings (that's us) because of the promise of the much loved harvest it will bring.

This is just my opinion, I'm speaking of this from my gardening experiences. Oh the care I give to the seedlings to help them mature and produce the veggies from the harvest.

Growing and learning and being able to combine the beliefs with the actual science of life is the knowledge that will eventually bring nay-sayers and us all to our successful potential combination and utilization of spirit and flesh working together to reach whatever goals we humans are supposed to reach in the generations to come.
A seed to a fruitful plant or An acorn to a tree.
I hope this made some sense.
tree treehug
Enjoy today while it is here, because someday it will be a long time ago ~ Ziggy

#71454 - Fri 21 Oct 2011 05:37:PM Re: Syncs - White King - Star - Transform - New Baby [Re: julianne]
Alisa Offline

Launch Director

Registered: Mon 09 Dec 2002
Posts: 62086
Loc: Joshua Tree, CA
I appreciate the feedback, J. It opens up more avenues for thought and that is priceless. gem I agree about the seeds analogy. And I enjoyed reading about your love for your garden and seedlings.

From the dream I felt that I was moving on to the next level and that the new baby would be where I once was. My moving on was a consolation that more than made up for any pang of jealousy because I was ready for the new experience I was going to have. However, it was perhaps a better or better-equipped baby than I had been. And I think it definitely was receiving a refined love. Because through loving me and the experience it gave my dad as I grew, he probably realized that next time he would even give more love to a baby because he saw that it was not harmful to kiss the baby all over (didn't make the baby feel entitled, but rather loved).

I do think that it is progressive how each generation gets more (love) and starts off on better footing than the one before. My parents received less from their parents, and I received the new baby will receive even more to start out with, and so on. Learning to better parent through each generation via practice and mistakes, etc.
Ma Aluciasparkle Heartist (Heart Artist)

Hearts By Ma heartboy


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