Well, I went from feelings of comfort and joy night before last with the White King - New Baby experience, to a dream of alien invasion and zombies. sigh

It's interesting (and I think it might be my first zombie dream), but tiresome sometimes, the darkness I see and experience most of the time. I feel I am experiencing it willingly in order to desensitize myself of emotion and strengthen my focus. But it aint easy. cake

In my dream I was at the grocery store doing my weekly shop. As I was coming out to my car I sensed that time was almost "up" and the aliens were just about to take over. It made me nervous and I started second guessing myself, like, Did I pay for the groceries? I should make sure I paid. And if only I had just continued on putting the groceries in the car and driving home, I would have made it just before the SHTF. But now I started thinking, Gee, maybe when I go back in to make sure I paid, I should also stock up on a few things because I'm not sure how long we'll be holed up. All these fears and doubts really threw a spanner/wrench into it.

I went back into the store. As I went through I noticed much of the food was suddenly gone. I had walked into an area that was stock area (for employees) and I started passing employees walking through and I saw some in a back room gathered around a desk. But most of the employees were now humanoid-reptilian aliens. It was as if they had been disguised as humans, or though some were newly arrived. For the most part they figured everyone would see them as human. It was dark in this back area and the walls were black...it felt a bit like being inside a huge army tent with soldiers and leaders. They looked so real to me and not really what I expected them to look like. They had shiny mottled grey-green skin and heads not much larger than humans. I think they believed most people didn't "see" them so they were not defensive, but were very busy anyway, systematically shutting down the food supply. (I get the flavor of WWII Nazis with seeing these aliens.)

So there wasn't much to stock up on, and now I realized I was wasting my time. I was also rather shocked by the look and realization of the realness of these aliens, so I headed back to my car. What should have gone smoothly has now been mucked up. The "rain" is already in the atmosphere. I called it "rain" in my dream, and thought of it as "red rain" when I woke up, but it wasn't really rain/water. It was something else that was permeating the atmosphere from space.

I got home and inside (it happened to be my childhood home). I looked out the window to the back porch and saw a child outside by the door. I wanted to let him in, but I realized that he had been out there in the "rain" and he was becoming a zombie. His skin was pale and reminded me of the mold on an orange or like powdered makeup. And then I realized that I too had been out in the rain when I left the grocery store. So was it now just a matter of time for me? I really shouldn't have become sidetracked with thoughts of worry at the store and stayed focused.

The consequences of losing focus seems to often be the theme of my troublesome dreams, particularly the ones about the invasion at the "end". In fact, the one that comes to mind that makes me think this was the dream/vision of the energy that will take over bodies at the "end". The warning in that dream was to exit body at the right time so as to not be in body when the monstrous energy takes over because it cannot be fought and any consciousness in body will witness...eek.

The aliens in this dream really freaked me out for some reason (and I see some of the zaniest and supposedly scariest looking entities in my visions all the time). But these just seemed so real, so tangible...like the shiny skin that looked wet or varnished and reflected the light. And holes on the face that I didn't expect (perhaps in lieu of a nose). I didn't look closely at the aliens, though I walked right past them, just peripherally. Still. omg They reminded me of military. And of the image I scryed Vampire of the North American Continent and for some reason the star child skull.

dunno Chalk it up to another one of "these" type of dreams.

P.S. This made me think about the military, frog-skinned alien I saw in my mind's eye in March 2007 Entry: "Not My Alien".

And of my dream in Sept 2011:

When I finally tried to go back to sleep at 4 am, I decided to listen through my auditory processing area for messages. I heard, "You are going to go down into the water, boom, boom!" I can't remember what else I heard before falling asleep. I woke in the morning with these words going through my head (me saying them), "The green, frog, murderer, vampire is growing his army." I felt he was also gathering the trees and nature as part of his army, perhaps against that which is coming to earth (Sarris). I felt a bit of disdain, but I don't know... It seems two sides headed up by green "monsters" are going to war over earth (the biblical angels and demons, with both sides being monsters from a similar lineage - think Annunaki, sons of God, etc.). I felt there was a desire/attempt on both sides to recruit me. To be honest, I intuited the good/bad, dark/light in both sides. And I know that like with human wars, the victor is the hero, and the loser will be written up as the demon.

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