Solar Storm March 2012

With the largest solar flare (x-class) in 5+ years arriving, I know it is no coincidence that I woke with my head spinning and a huge wave of rebellion rising up in me. It is time for accelerated change, and has been since Sept 2011 for me. I knew I had to cut the deadwood from my life today as I sever all the remaining unhealthy relationships from my past.

With each of these flares have come scary challenges in which I must make choices, but choices that I find cut the tethers that hold me down. I feel like a rocket, all fueled up, with the balance about to shift as all the remaining restraints removed. It's scary and delightful. I feel a fire at the base of my spine, in my pelvis and belly that is trying to rise. My crown chakra is swirling (making me dizzy) as the debris from the blockage is being churned in a whirlwind.

Synchronistically, I hear a loud buzz of a chainsaw outside as a team of men are clearing all the trees of wayward branches and deadwood, just as I am doing the same in my personal life.

No stopping it now. It's "go time".




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